Anyone can apply for Stock Market Analysis Course. There is no age limit whether you are 16 or 61. For Fundamental analysis, you should be aware of basic things of accounting like Profit, Loss, Assets, Net Profit, Debt, Capital, etc. That will help you to understand the company’s business and growth. For Technical Analysis Course, you should be focused on chart practice. Based on candle chart analysis you can predict the future behavior of the share price.

We designed the course in 3 parts – 1. Basics Of Stock Market. 2. Fundamental Analysis. 3. Technical Analysis. It takes 30 to 40 days to complete all parts including theory, practice, and doubt solving.

Yes, the market demands learning so we are always there for our students. In the market, mentors always play a vital role for learners, and regularly share our studies and thoughts in the student group.

Yes, share market investing is the way to beat inflation. You can generate a passive income from the stock market. Once confident, you can always have the option to choose it as a full-time profession.

You can do trading & investment independently in Indian Stock Market. You will get a complete knowledge of equity, F&O, commodity, and currency markets.

There are multiple options like YouTube, Books, Websites, and share market training academies [Online or Offline Classes]. From free sources, you will get only theoretical knowledge. For practical knowledge and proper guidance, in-person training has an added advantage.

It depends, if you are looking for a job in the share market then you need to go for NSE, and NISM certifications. For personal trading or investment, need to learn Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

It depends on course content and duration. The average fee is 8000-11000 for Stock Market Basics, Fundamental Analysis, and Candle Chart Analysis.

There are many ways to start learning stock market. Like YouTube, Books, and Online/Offline classes.

Options trading means we can buy the CALL/PUT option as well as sell CALL/PUT. Option means we can buy or sell shares at a particular price by paying a premium amount of the contract.

Nifty 50 is the index of the top 50 companies of NSE. It represents Indian Stock Market in the global markets. Nifty covers stocks from all sectors like Automobile, IT, Pharma, FMCG, Power, Steel, etc.

Absolutely, stock market investment is the best way to earn good returns on your investments. We can create wealth and become a professional traders.

Under the commodity segment, we can buy or sell Metal, Oil, Gas, and Farming Products like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Wheat, Soya Oil, Cotton, etc.

There is a facility to do trading in the currency market via a stock broker. On the CDS exchange only 4 currencies are available for trading USD|EUR|GBP|JPY.